Task-Vision Electronic Digital Magnifiers

Vision USA, introduces their new line of Task-Vision professional portable electronic digital magnifiers that are designed to make life easier for anyone who needs magnification for home or the workplace. We offer a variety of models from basic to multi-functional. They work like a mini magnifying computer. Our 4 new models are the D1, D2, D5 & D7 which have LCD screens, adjustable brightness levels, enlarge, reduce, or freeze images. The Task-Vision digital magnifiers are also lightweight, portable, easy-to–use and powerful 3x to 18x and up. They allow the user to select full color, positive/negative, high contrast and color blue/white, black/yellow, blue/yellow & black/green. Easy connect to any TV or monitor or use alone. The entire line of Task–Vision digital magnifiers include Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, charger, adapter, AV / USB cables and travel case. Price range from $149.95 to $399.00 for more information and Wholesale / Professional pricing call 800 257 5782 / 856 795 6199 or visit www.visionusasupplies.com
https://www.visionusasupplies.com/electronic-magnifiersVision Electronic Mags

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