Task-Vision Safety Glasses

Vision USA a Dentrex company services your need for safety and magnification.  Our new safety glasses are available in clear, curing orange, and casting /soldering green. Clear Bifocal safety glasses in powers +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00 ,+4.00 or snap in inserts for clear and green infrared lenses IR3 or IR5 in powers of +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00.  All have soft rubber nose and ear pads. ANSI287.1+ requirements/polycarbonate, anti scratch coated and anti fog lenses. The frames are extremely lightweight and affordable $6.99 – $15.99 wholesale inquires welcome.   For more information visit www.VisionUSAsupplies.com or call 856 795 6199 / 800 257 5782Adaptable Group of Safety Glasses

Task-Vision LED inspection magnifiers are optical quality, magnification devices for Dental, Medical and Science Industries.

Task-Vision NEW magnifiers are used for inspection and are specially designed for high powers ranging 4X to 20X magnification. Aspheric lenses that are distortion free and ergonomic designed for sight enhancement for the Professional. The rectangular head tilts for easy viewing. The bright low heat bulb is flicker free. The bulb will not need replacing for 10,000 hours and the batteries “AAA” will last 10 times longer. The Online special $39.95 For Professional pricing and information: Call 800 257 5782 856 795 6199 or https://www.visionusasupplies.com/

Task Vision Stand Group Map

2014 Vision USA Supplies Catalog Now Available

2014 Vision USA Supplies Catalog

2014 Vision USA Supplies Catalog

New products being introduced in the catalog include LED headlights with waterproof loupes to ensure ease of cleaning / disinfecting, LED floor, clamp & desk lamps with magnification, high power reading glasses +4.00, +5.00, +6.00, fully adjustable LED headband loupes 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x & 4.0x, safety glasses with full lens magnification, clip on loupes up to +5.00, laser safety glasses and much more.

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To receive a free catalog with hundreds of optical magnification devices call 800 257 5782  * 856 795 6199. Speak to one of our optical specialists.

Task-Vision Fresnel Lens Page Magnifier and Stand

Task-Vision Fresnel Lens Page Magnifier and Stand

Introducing the Task-Vision® Fresnel Lens Page Magnifier and Stand – Best, Brightest, Clearest Fresnel Lens Ever!! Made of ophthalmic acrylic with excellent optics the lens measures a HUGE 10 x 12“ and power is 2x or greater. The lens can be turned vertically of horizontally and is held firmly with our exclusive coated clip that swivels 180 degrees. The fully adjustable neck and secure weighted base makes this product a winner for reading, writing, computer or working under for enlargement.

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Task Vision Waterproof Loupe & LED Headlight

Item# PLW2.5X/PLH60CO
Item# PLW3.5X/PLH60CO


Task Vision Waterproof Loupe
• All new loupes are dust-resistant and waterproof to ensure ease of cleaning/disinfection, and years of trouble-free use.
• High resolution clarity for the ultimate vision experience.
• Great depth of field comfortably extends the natural accommodation capability of the human eye.
• Flip-Up function means if you do not need the loupe temporarily, just flip it up; no need to take it off.
• Adjustable nose bridge accommodates to any pupil distance and allow the user to set your intrapupillary.
• Fully adjustable viewing angle allows converge and declinate angle for perfect optical alignment.

Power:    2.5x    3.5x
Working Distance:    420 mm    500 mm
Depth of Field:    90 mm    60 mm
Field of View:    80 mm    65 mm
Weight:    42 grams    48 grams
Frame:    Platinum    Platinum

Our Mini-Clip-on (universal clip) headlight for loupes provides ultimate versatility!

Clip-on LED Headlight Loupe

Clip-on LED Headlight Loupe

This Clip-On MINI LED Headlight allows the users to light up any loupe. It can be worn over their prescription, safety or laser safety glasses. With 50,000 LUX LED lighting, clip on feature, these are among the most convenient and versatile loupe lights available today. These are perfect for the dental, medical, surgical and scientific professions, as well as professions as diverse as jewelers, lab technicians, tattoo artists, tool and die makers, printers, photographers, and law enforcement. Medical schools, dental schools, veterinary schools, criminology schools, as well as many other professional schools can also make great use of this uniquely designed headlight for loupes.
• Mini-sized & clip on LED Headlight
• Brightness: 50,000Lux@250mm
• Full variable intensity control (0-100%)
• Spot size diameter: 80mm@420mm
• Color temperature: 6,000K (CRT), purely white light
• Operation time: 5 hours with a battery
• Charge time: 3 hours for a full charge
• Lifetime: 30,000 hours
• Light size: Diameter: 19mm, Length: 21mm
• Light weight: 11g
• Light source: 1W powerful white LEDs
Battery pack: Rechargeable polymer li-lon cells
Charge cycles: 500 charge/discharge cycles
Battery adapter: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Travel case
Interchangeable clip-on & slide clip attachments for loupe
• Includes side shields
• Rx-able, insert prescription available

Back to basics with our NEW Optical Ground & Polished Glass Lens Hand Magnifier

Task-Vision 311 Hand Magnifier
Task-Vision 311 Hand Magnifier

The Task-Vision™ 311 magnifier series features a coated glass lens to provide sharpness over entire field of view and prevent image distortion. The chrome extra wide rim prevents the lens from being scratched when placed on a flat surface. Designed with arthritis patients in mind, the ergonomic EZ grip handle is comfortable to hold.

Handsome, redesigned simple hand magnifier is a HUGE benefit for those with low vision, allowing you to get up close and see all the details. Used for reading or inspection by professionals. Available in 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, 5” glass lens and associated powers.

* Coated glass lens
* Sharpness over entire field of view prevents distortion
* Extra wide rim protects lens
* Ergonomic EZ grip handle
* Can be used for reading, close-up inspection of fine details
* Available in 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, 5” glass lens

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Featured Product – NEW High Power Reading Glasses!

Task-Vision High Power Reading Glasses with aspheric lenses

Task-Vision High Power Reading Glasses with aspheric lenses

Task Vision High Power +4.00, +5.00, and +6.00 reading glasses with aspheric lenses.
Task Vision high power reading glasses with aspheric lens designs reduce or eliminate distortions for a wider field of view and better peripheral vision by focusing incoming light. By virtue of design, aspheric lenses are thinner and lighter than other types of lenses.

Aspheric lenses provide totally distortion free viewing for completing daily tasks such as reading and writing. They reduce lens weight, widen the field of view, correct refractive errors and improve visual acuity and contrast to help low vision patients attain functional vision for everyday practical purposes such as reading and writing. They are also useful for such conditions as: macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, Stargardt disease and those with restricted visual field.

Our Task Vision™ reading glasses are available in a variety of frame styles including classic unisex acrylic frames, alloy frames, contemporary frames, and half eye frame designs in many colors.

Each pair offers style comfort and features long temples with sturdy spring hinges. Research shows that workers benefit from the use of magnifying glasses to enhance visual performance. Many low vision patients need additional magnification for hobbies and the workplace.

* Reduce distortions for better peripheral vision
* Thinner and lighter than other lenses
* Many frame styles available
* Sturdy spring hinges
* Great for work or hobbies
* Can be sold on your counter display

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Newly Designed: Our Task Vision™ Professional Adjustable and Reversible Prism Glasses

Task Vision Adjusteble Reversable Prism Glasses

Task Vision™ Professional Adjustable and Reversible Prism Glasses

Also know as “bed prism glasses,” these NEW prism glasses are adjustable and reversible to the angle needed for viewing. The lenses on these glasses are actually prisms that change the normal line of site without distortion. The unique frame design allows the user to adjust or reverse the prisms to see up, down or forward. They have a flip-up function to allow the user to lift the prism glasses rather than take them off and can be worn over prescription glasses. The reverse position allows the user to view straight ahead while walking if your back or neck is compromised, or if you are working for long periods of time looking upward.

Task Vision™ Professional Adjustable and Reversible Prism Glasses are an excellent tool. They allow you to sit in a comfortable position while you work, read or watch TV. The prisms adjust easily so you don’t need to strain your back or neck if you are working on a project for a long period of time.

Prism glasses can be beneficial to patients who are confined to the same position for long periods or suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis, spine or neck injury or stroke disabilities. Our prism glasses work with MRI to alleviate the effects of claustrophobia. Patients may be scanned head-first or feet-first with an identical view outside of the MRI magnet. Special non-ferrous screws are used, which have no interference with the MRI.

Task Vision™ Professional Adjustable and Reversible Prism Glasses fit over prescription glasses, sunglasses or can be worn alone. Click here to buy or for full product  information.

Magnifying Reading Glasses – When Things Seem Unclear

The eye is one of the most important sense organs. It helps you in your daily activities and other responsibilities. As you age, however, the eyes become more prone to various conditions that can lead to poor vision. It’s a good thing optometrists have the solution in the form of magnifying reading glasses.

What are they?

Magnifying reading glasses are a type of lens helping patients with eye ailments like presbyopia. With this tool, reading can be much easier. These, however, are not an alternative for prescription glasses. These glasses aid people with mild vision issues such as difficulty in reading. Experts often recommend these to first-time glass wearers.

These materials come in two styles: full-frame and half-frame. Full frame glasses have lenses made according to the reading prescription. The half-frame type, also known as “Ben Franklin,” has glasses sitting low on the user’s nose. Ready-made spectacles are usually available in reading prescriptions ranging from 1.00 to 3.50.

Can they affect my fashion style?

Many people with poor eyesight hesitate to use glasses because they don’t want to ruin their look. You know all too well that people with glasses are usually stereotyped as nerds or geeks. This will never be a problem because most reading glasses today come in different colors, styles, and sizes. This means you can choose a pair of glasses that will complement the shape of your face and your personal style.

Most magnifying reading glasses also come in light materials that can make you feel like you are not wearing them at all. Their sturdy material also makes them a wise investment that can last for years.

How can I get a pair?

Consult an optometrist first. This professional will help identify the right glasses that can solve your eyesight problems. It can also be a good option to visit an optical store. Choosing a reliable supplier can make sure that your reading glasses are safe for use and more importantly, help make you see things clearer.

The Uses of Eye Loupe in Many Industries

Most people are only aware of common optical devices such as reading glasses. You can also purchase other specific devices such as the eye loupe. This is a small piece of equipment used to magnify objects and observe things in detail. It has the power to magnify up to 10 times the size of an object so you can clearly see the tiniest speck on an object.

You may wonder why anyone would need this item. Most businesses actually thrive with the help of these little devices. They can make sure your customers are getting the best quality out of a product. Take jewelers or watchmakers, for example. These accessories we wear everyday did not just come out finished and fully manufactured. Each of these went on hands-on work and the experts have to make their products perfect to ensure its quality before it reaches your hand.

Using an eye loupe, these professionals can put together little parts with ease. Jewelries need to be free of impurities or its value may decrease. Watches, in particular, need careful hands for the gears to spin correctly. Simple details need to be put in place to make sure the product turns out perfect. Talking about detail, a more contemporary example would be tattoos. Artists who wish to have a complex and detailed piece will need this device.

Studies on plants and other small creatures are possible using the same device. As it is possible to scale tiny images to a visible size, it can help determine parts of plants or objects we cannot see with the naked eye. Without the help of this device, breakthroughs in biology will not happen as often as they do.

In a more typical setting, dentists also use eye loupes to help aid in repairing damaged teeth. With this device, tooth doctors can easily see damages that they might have missed during initial assessment. A better diagnosis helps doctors figure out the right steps to take to ensure their patient’s dental health.

These are just few industries that use the eye loupe to help produce better products and services for us consumers. Now it is clear how important they are even if they do not seem important to the average person.