Night Driving Glasses and Clip On’s

Night Vision Two

Vision USA – Night Driving Glasses and Clip On’s. The glasses work to cut down on night time glare which is caused from headlights, street lights and driving in rain and snow. Task-Vision night driving glasses are yellow UV filters that work to block out blue light, which is what causes glare.  Our lenses are anti glare and scratch resistant.  The Task-Vision Clip On’s attach to your eyeglasses and add an anti glare filter to your glasses.  They flip up out of your line of sight when not being used. The clip on’s are only 21 grams and have coated clips to prevent lens scratching.  The eyeglasses are Aviator Alloy frames with spring temples.  Both are extremely light and comfortable.  For more information 856 795 6199 or 800 257 5782

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