Task Vision Waterproof Loupe & LED Headlight

Item# PLW2.5X/PLH60CO
Item# PLW3.5X/PLH60CO


Task Vision Waterproof Loupe
• All new loupes are dust-resistant and waterproof to ensure ease of cleaning/disinfection, and years of trouble-free use.
• High resolution clarity for the ultimate vision experience.
• Great depth of field comfortably extends the natural accommodation capability of the human eye.
• Flip-Up function means if you do not need the loupe temporarily, just flip it up; no need to take it off.
• Adjustable nose bridge accommodates to any pupil distance and allow the user to set your intrapupillary.
• Fully adjustable viewing angle allows converge and declinate angle for perfect optical alignment.

Power:    2.5x    3.5x
Working Distance:    420 mm    500 mm
Depth of Field:    90 mm    60 mm
Field of View:    80 mm    65 mm
Weight:    42 grams    48 grams
Frame:    Platinum    Platinum

Our Mini-Clip-on (universal clip) headlight for loupes provides ultimate versatility!

Clip-on LED Headlight Loupe

Clip-on LED Headlight Loupe

This Clip-On MINI LED Headlight allows the users to light up any loupe. It can be worn over their prescription, safety or laser safety glasses. With 50,000 LUX LED lighting, clip on feature, these are among the most convenient and versatile loupe lights available today. These are perfect for the dental, medical, surgical and scientific professions, as well as professions as diverse as jewelers, lab technicians, tattoo artists, tool and die makers, printers, photographers, and law enforcement. Medical schools, dental schools, veterinary schools, criminology schools, as well as many other professional schools can also make great use of this uniquely designed headlight for loupes.
• Mini-sized & clip on LED Headlight
• Brightness: 50,000Lux@250mm
• Full variable intensity control (0-100%)
• Spot size diameter: 80mm@420mm
• Color temperature: 6,000K (CRT), purely white light
• Operation time: 5 hours with a battery
• Charge time: 3 hours for a full charge
• Lifetime: 30,000 hours
• Light size: Diameter: 19mm, Length: 21mm
• Light weight: 11g
• Light source: 1W powerful white LEDs
Battery pack: Rechargeable polymer li-lon cells
Charge cycles: 500 charge/discharge cycles
Battery adapter: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Travel case
Interchangeable clip-on & slide clip attachments for loupe
• Includes side shields
• Rx-able, insert prescription available