Vision USA FREE 2015 Catalog

Vision USA 2015 Catalog

Vision USA, a resource for Loupes, Magnification products & Laser safety glasses has released their 2015 catalog.

New products being introduced include Computer LCD Magnifier Screens & Computer Privacy Screens. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) clip on reading glasses with “RELIEF TINT” are also available! The visual demands of computer work are associated with eyestrain & blurred vision. High Power Reading Glasses +4.00, +5.00, +6.00, +6.50 & +7.00.

To receive a free catalog with hundreds of optical magnification devices call or visit 800 257 5782  * 856 795 6199.  Speak to one of our optical specialists.

Vision Universal Glaze Paste

Vision Universal Glaze Paste

Vision USA, an innovator in the dental porcelain market introduces Vision Universal Glaze Paste.  Vision Universal Glaze Paste can be used with ALL porcelain system, including Emax and Zirconia. One glaze for all!! All have agreed that glazed porcelain provides a smooth and dense surface. Studies have shown better color stability. 5 gr. $29.95. For more information 800 257 5782 856 795 6199

Night Driving Glasses and Clip On’s

Night Vision Two

Vision USA – Night Driving Glasses and Clip On’s. The glasses work to cut down on night time glare which is caused from headlights, street lights and driving in rain and snow. Task-Vision night driving glasses are yellow UV filters that work to block out blue light, which is what causes glare.  Our lenses are anti glare and scratch resistant.  The Task-Vision Clip On’s attach to your eyeglasses and add an anti glare filter to your glasses.  They flip up out of your line of sight when not being used. The clip on’s are only 21 grams and have coated clips to prevent lens scratching.  The eyeglasses are Aviator Alloy frames with spring temples.  Both are extremely light and comfortable.  For more information 856 795 6199 or 800 257 5782

Computer Screen Magnifiers

Vision USA introduces our new line of computer screen magnifiers.  CAD CAM dentistry has brought computers into our laboratories. So it’s hardly a surprise that we need magnification for the long hours designing on the computer.  Computer screen magnifiers enlarge the size of print and enhance the contrast with tinting, enabling greater clarity for working on your computer.  Our computer screen is high quality Fresnel lenses that offer exceptional color, brightness, and clarity on your computer screen, doubling the visual size of the screen. We stock 15” – 22” 2x LCD magnifier / filters. Easy to install by hanging the magnifier from the top of the monitor. For more information 800 257 5782  856 795 6199 www.visionusasupplies.com454502W LCD Magnifier and Filter

Task-Vision Electronic Digital Magnifiers

Vision USA, introduces their new line of Task-Vision professional portable electronic digital magnifiers that are designed to make life easier for anyone who needs magnification for home or the workplace. We offer a variety of models from basic to multi-functional. They work like a mini magnifying computer. Our 4 new models are the D1, D2, D5 & D7 which have LCD screens, adjustable brightness levels, enlarge, reduce, or freeze images. The Task-Vision digital magnifiers are also lightweight, portable, easy-to–use and powerful 3x to 18x and up. They allow the user to select full color, positive/negative, high contrast and color blue/white, black/yellow, blue/yellow & black/green. Easy connect to any TV or monitor or use alone. The entire line of Task–Vision digital magnifiers include Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, charger, adapter, AV / USB cables and travel case. Price range from $149.95 to $399.00 for more information and Wholesale / Professional pricing call 800 257 5782 / 856 795 6199 or visit Electronic Mags